Battling Brutes is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received by Dulland lying northwest of the Refugee Camp on Bionis' Leg. If Fiora is in the active party, she will comment.



"The monsters in Tephra Cave have been eliminated to ensure safe passage to Colony 9."


  • Accepting this quest will open up a wide passage in Tephra Cave between the Heavenly Window and the Arachno Queen's Nest (where previously there had been a blockade).
  • After completing this quest, Fiora's Innocence skill branch will be unlocked.
DullandAffinity-bar Affinity bar green Affinity-barEarnest
Dulland Complete Trust Earnest
DullandAffinity-bar Affinity bar yellow Affinity-barSatata
Dulland Old Brother's Pal Satata

If Marcia is then spoken to:

DullandAffinity-bar Affinity bar yellow Affinity-barMarcia
Dulland Old Lodger Marcia